Holiday Gift Box Packages


Gift Box Packages

The Executive – 2 24oz 60 Day Dry Aged Bone-in Ribeyes, 224oz Kobe (A5) Bone-in Ribeyes, 224oz 30 Day Wet Aged Bone-in Ribeyes – $1,000
The Prime Sampler – 416oz Prime Ribeyes, 412oz Prime Ribeyes, 48oz Center-Cut Prime Ribeyes – $725
The Bone Yard – 10lbs of Smoked Beef Ribs – $400
The Smokehouse – 15lbs of Smoke Brisket – $400
The Picnic – 5lbs of Brisket, 5lbs of Sausage, 5lbs of Kobe Patti Ground Beef, 5lbs of Center-Cut Ribeyes – $375
The Gobble Gobble – 16lbs of Smoked Turkey (Carved) – $350
The Yard Bird – 10lbs of Smoked Chicken – $275

Make Your Own Box:
Gift Box & Shipping $125

Dry Aged Steaks$5.50 per ounce (12oz minimum order) Bone-in Prime Ribeye
Tomahawk$85 each (32oz) Bone-in Prime Ribeye
Cowboy$68 each (24oz) Bone-in Prime Ribeye
Kobe$10 per ounce (24oz minimum order) Bone-in Ribeye
Kobe Ground Beef$22 per pound
Prime Boneless Ribeye$50 each (16oz)
Prime Boneless Ribeye$45 each (12oz)
Smoked Beef Ribs$22 per pound
Smoked Brisket$18 per pound
Smoked Chicken$10 per pound
Smoked Turkey$160 each
Smoked Sausage$10 per pound

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