Kosher Wine Tasting 101: Genesis Wine Room

Jason Goldstein, owner of Genesis Steakhouse and Wine Bar, hosted his first wine tasting in November, featuring six different kosher wines paired with some of his signature dishes. Genesis wine expert, David Uribe, discussed all of the wines in great detail and carefully explained how to see, smell and taste the wines to discover their main characteristics. Also available to answer questions was Roby Fleischer, wine distributor, who brings in wines from Israel, Chile, Argentina and Italy.

“Most people do not know that there are two different types of kosher wines,” stated general manager and spirits and wine director David Tenorio. “There is mevushal and non-mevushal kosher wine. Mevushal is the Hebrew word for “cooked” or “boiled” (180°F for five seconds) and this wine frequently is used in kosher restaurants and by kosher caterers, so as to allow the wine to be handled by non-Jewish and/or non-observant waiters. The complexity of each wine is enhanced when served with ribeye steaks and other meat dishes with hearty sauces.”

Check out these excellent kosher wines paired with some great tasting food:

Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc, South Island, New Zealand – 2013
A citrus delight marked by exotic fruit flavors, carried by a crisp texture and elegant composition; perfect for any refined palate. Served with
Teriyaki Grilled Chicken & Sweet Potato Skewers.

Yarden Katzrin Chardonnay, Golan Heights, Israel
Fermented and aged in new French oak barrels, exhibits the depth and richness of the varietal grown in the coldest reaches of the northern Golan Heights. Paired with Spinach and Cream Stuffed Mushrooms (Nondairy) or Teriyaki Grilled Chicken & Sweet Potato Skewers.

Herzog Late Harvest White Riesling, Monterey County, California – 2010
This rich, deep golden Riesling possesses luscious pineapple, dried apricot and baked apple aromas with well-balanced acidity and sweetness. Served with Tuna Poke on Won Ton Crisp.

Barkan Pinot Noir, Galil, Israel – 2013
Marked by soft, yet palpable tannins, with a fresh strawberry aroma and hints of black cherries and mint. Served with Beef Carpaccio Crostini.

Barkan Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Galil, Israel – 2010
Full bodied, rich raspberry and dark cherry flavors, subtle hints of oak and a long finish. Served with Swedish Meatballs.

Herzog Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley, California – 2012
Full bodied, exhibiting blackberry, cherry and licorice aromas, mocha and vanilla flavors, nicely balanced with ample but smooth tannins. Served with Spinach and Cream Stuffed Mushrooms (Nondairy) or Beef Carpaccio Crostini.

* * *

I enjoyed all the wines, but I thought the Pinot Noir from Israel was the best. Check out the website below to make reservations for the next wine tasting.

Genesis is the first steakhouse in Houston to serve certified Glatt kosher foods, as well as healthy, all natural, hormone and antibiotic-free prime beef. It is located at 5427 Bissonnet Street, 713-665-2222.